New Media / Digital Media

The new media or digital media businesses under the operation of BECI Corporation Ltd, a subsidiary company of BEC group, is the main digital operators for “Ch3Thailand” and “Mello”


"Ch3Thailand" is the official online platform of channel 3 across mobile application, social media, and websites. We offer our audiences with Simulcast LIVE of channel 33HD, 28SD and 13Family, updates news and activities everyday 24x7. This will facilitate viewers with today’s changing lifestyle with our content Anytime, Anywhere. In addition, it also offers TV program guide of each channels as well as entertainments news, special scoop of upcoming drama, series, and celebrity news.

The online platform of “Ch3Thailand” includes


“Mello – VDO program creator and OTT platform” is the content provider under the brand “Mello Original” and VDO entertainment platform. Mello targets young entertainment audiences with channel 3 drama, international series, and Mello Original. Viewers can watch channel 3 re-run content on “Mello” after first run at midnight.

Mello develop business incessantly to meet all lifestyles to become Thailand’s leading entertainment platform and welcome partners, including content producers, business partners, and marketing partners to explore developing digital services on various formats to create the best experience for consumers.