Content Business

BEC World Public Company Limited operate content providing business on various platforms, both terrestrial television and online platforms, including global content licensing business, entertainment and documentary program sourcing, operated by Bangkok Entertainment Co., Ltd., BEC-Multimedia Co., Ltd. (“BECM”), You & I Corporation Co., Ltd., Satellite TV Broadcasting Co., Ltd., Bangkok Satellite & Telecommunication Co., Ltd., BECi Corporation Co., Ltd., Rungsirojvanit Co., Ltd., New World Production Co., Ltd., Bangkok Television Co., Ltd. and BEC International Distribution Co., Ltd., BEC Three Network Co., Ltd.

Television Platform

Digital Terrestrial TV “DTTV”

National Business Service category by BECM, a subsidiary company of the Company, won an auction for 3 Licenses to use Allocated Frequencies for National Commercial Digital Terrestrial Television Services, from Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), which are:

  • High-Definition Variety Category “3 HD Channel on Channel 33”
  • Standard-Definition Variety Category “3 SD Channel on Channel 28”
  • Standard-Definition for Kids and Family Category “3 Family Channel on Channel 13”

The term of the said 3 licenses are 15 years, starting from 25 April 2014 to 24 April 2029.

In this regard, on 11 April 2019, the Royal Thai Government Gazette website published the Order of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) No. 4/2562 on the Solution for the Television and Telecommunication Industries an opportunity to return the Licenses to use Allocated Frequencies for National Commercial Digital Television Services. Consequently, BECM has submitted a request to return channel 28 SD and 13 Family on 10 May 2019 and terminated the operation of channel 28 SD and 13 Family on 30 September 2019.

Therefore, BECM continues to broadcast Channel 33HD as a sole channel under the slogan #WATCH Channel 3 Press 33, with concentrated and fully packed entertainment and essence for all audiences.

Online Platform

In 2020, the Company, by BECi Corporation Co., Ltd. and its subsidiary, has upgraded its online business service model via the launch of CH3+ (Channel 3 Plus) with slogan “serving what audiences prefer”.

“CH3+” covers both website and Application, offering online TV services in parallel with broadcasting on TV screen, and audiences can play back dramas and programs of Channel 3, enjoy special series from Mello Original, and timely news reports of all situations in a fast, accurate, and satisfied manner from quality news team of Channel 3, for 24 hours a day, in order to facilitate audiences who are traveling or busy with any work outside to watch live or back-up programs from Channel 3 anytime and anywhere. The Company continuously develops its businesses to meet all lifestyles to become the leading entertainment platform in Thailand, welcome partners to jointly create the best experience for consumers, including content production partners, business development partners and marketing partners, and also open to accept all ideas from agencies and partners interested in creating new advertising styles with us.

Online media access channels with Channel 3 include

  • CH3 Plus Application both of iOS and Android
  • Line Official Account: Ch3Thailand

Global Content Licensing

Licensing copyright abroad means using television content to generate revenue on platforms from abroad. The Company’s international business began in 2018 when the Company licensed its content abroad and produced content with foreign partners for both domestic and international broadcasting by focusing on 3 main strengths including quality dramas, talented and famous actors and actresses, and a variety of content. In 2020, the dramas are sold in the form of a parallel broadcast (or Simulcast) such as the dramas titled "My Husband in Law” and “Prophecy of Love” by airing on online platforms in China. The drama titled "My Husband in Law” was watched for more than 180 million views, and is ranked No. 1 for the top search of ASEAN dramas on the platform, considered as the excellent welcome of foreign drama. In addition, the drama business has also expanded to sell to more than 23 countries on Local, Regional and Global Platforms around the world.

Furthermore, the International Business Office also emphasizes the Marketing and Public Communication so that the BEC World Group and its main products which are Dramas and Actors/Actresses will be internationally recognized, resulting in business expansions of other styles such as International Showcase, both Online/Offline, and merchandise sales.

Artist Showcase and Content Market
International Distribution

Entertainment and documentary program sourcing and production business

It is the operation to procure and produce various contents for broadcasting on radio, television and other platforms.